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Name: Young Fisher
Career Record:click
Alias: Caveman Fisher
Birth Name: Charles Fazio
Nationality: US American
Hometown: Syracuse, New York, USA
Died: 1962-07-11

Sometimes reported as Young Fisher, Caveman Fisher, Caveman Young Fisher, Young Caveman Fisher, and Bulldog Fisher. Born Charles Fazio.

After his boxing career ended, he worked for the County Parks Department in upstate New York. Dies at Syracuse, New York, in 1962. Exact date of death unknown.


Syracuse Herald

12 October 1922

Fisher Scores Knockout Over Delaney 

Bridge port Boxer Goes Down For Count Of Nine Four Times 


Syracusan’s Right Wins Admiration Of Providence Fight Fans


Young Fisher of this city had an easy time with Jack Delaney, Bridgeport. Conn., light heavyweight, last night, knocking out the nutmeg boxer in the third round of a scheduled 12-round bout at the National A. A. of Providence. Delaney was floored for the count with a vicious: right to the Jaw. 

The end did not come suddenly: Fisher had the bettor of the going after the first round and it was only a question of time when the knockout blow would be delivered. Delaney  sensed the coming knockout and called upon his ring generalship  to extricate him from the many holes Fisher put him into. 

The first round wan tame, both fighters being content to feel the other out. The second round was a little faster, with Fisher carrying the fight to Delaney. The crowd began hooting Delaney for not mixing it with Fisher and with the gong for the third round Delaney leaped from his corner and met Fisher coming out. The Syracuse lad shot a short right to Delaney's Jaw. knocking  the Nutmegger down for the count of nine. 

Right Floors Delaney. 

.Arising. Delaney feebly put his hands but Fisher crashed his right to the Jaw and Delaney again measured his length on the canvass.  Delaney, game as they make them and with a fighting heart, got to his feet Wobbling about the ring in a dazed condition, Delaney was a perfect target for anything Fisher might fly at him. 

Setting himself. Fisher put ever thing he had behind a right and Delaney went down for the time, taking the count of nine. The Bridgeport lad was practically out on his feet, but that fact didn't defend from Fisher's aggressiveness . His right, flashed out and Delaney hit canvass. This time he lay in the center of the ring, his face bruised, battered and bleeding. 

At the count of five Delaney's seconds tossed in the towel. The referee awarded the decision to Fisher on a technical knockout. Both men weighed in at 163. Delaney had height and reach on Fisher. 

It was Fisher's first appearance in a New England ring and his remarkable hitting power scored a big hit with the Rhode Islanders .Fisher refused to stand off and box Delaney for the Bridgeporter  is one of the best boxing light heavyweights in. the game today. His punch isn’t anything — It is doubtful if his hardest  blow would crack an egg — but his footwork is fast and clever. Fisher offset this by aggressiveness and keeping close to Delaney.