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Name: Jimmy Darcy
Career Record:click
Alias: Fighting Jimmy
Birth Name:Valeri (Valley) Trambitas
Nationality: US American
Hometown: Portland, Oregon, USA
Born: 1898-06-06
Died: 1972-05-13
Age at Death: 73
Stance: Orthodox
Managers: Jack Fahie, Fred Lowe, Fred Winsor
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Jimmy Darcy started boxing as a Welterweight and finished his career as a Heavyweight. He had his most success boxing as a Middleweight, where he was probably the best fighter in the Pacific Northwest of the United States at this weight during his peak.

He fought as Valley Trambitas until early 1918, before changing his name to Jimmy Darcy in honor of the late Australian Middleweight Les Darcy. Trambitas had been moved by seeing Darcy's casket in San Francisco as it made its way back to Australia.

Valeri was one of the fighting Trambitas brothers: with Alex and Johnny. Their hometown was Portland, Oregon, USA.

The Trambitas family had arrived at Ellis Island in 1907, immigrating from Romania. They settled shortly thereafter in South Portland, OR. Valley would turn to professional boxing after the death of his father left him as the sole supporter of his three brothers and one sister. Darcy was generally considered to be the least talented of the three Trambitas brothers.

Trambitas's main asset as a fighter was his ability to absorb punishment. He did have a good right hand, with which he knocked down HarryGreb and Tommy Loughran, although he was not a big puncher by any means. He was known as having clumsy footwork in the ring, and was criticized by the local press in Portland for his awkward style. Despite his success, he never really caught on with the fans in Portland.

In the spring of 1921 Darcy had moved to the New York area under the management of Jack Kearns, Jack Dempsey's former manager, along with his brother Alex. While on the East Coast he was a sparring partner for Jack Dempsey (1921-23).

  • Trivia: Darcy fought a four-round bout with Jack Dempsey for the World Title: Description
  • Darcy's license was revoked in October 1926 by the Portland Boxing Commission due to his eroded skills. Afterward his hometown was listed as Seattle (1927).