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Name: Jimmy Clabby
Career Record:click
Alias: Indiana Wasp
Nationality: US American
Hometown: Hammond, Indiana, USA
Born: 1890-07-14
Died: 1934-01-20
Age at Death: 43
Height: 5′ 8″

The Lowell Sun

15 March 1910

Jimmy Gardner

Had No trouble With Jimmy Clabby In Milwaukee

The following . account of Jimmy's Gardner's recent fight, with Jimmy Clabby is from The Evening Wisconsin of Milwaukee.

The path that lies before Jimmy Clabby of Milwaukee.on his way to the welter weight  championship is troublesome. It is a weary route, rough and stony, with one stone wall — Jimmy

Gardner of  Lowell. Mass .— looming up before him. constantly as he nears the end.

This stumbling-block, Gardner, caused Clabby to stop short for the third time in his brilliant career last night in a ten-round,  no-decision bout, before the Badger Athletic club and several thousand enthusiastic fans  in the Hippodrome.

If a decision had been rendered, Clabby would have been very lucky to get a draw. Gardner had a big shade, and when in the best of condition ought to be the Milwaukee boy's .master at any time. No decision was rendered under the law permitting the, exhibition.


Gardner was about 10 to 15 pounds over his regular boxing weight and plainly out of condition.. If he figured that he had no need of doing any hard preliminary work in order to defeat Clabby. he plainly showed it: Gardner might as well have stepped from  the train from the east and gone directly  into   the ring  for all his training at  Chicago seemed to have done him good.

And yet under these circumstances the Lowell boy showed himself the master of Clabby. In the  unbiased  opinion of an unbiased man — the man who should know — Gardner had more than a shade and if he had been in shape, there would have been nothing to it.

Gardner seemed contented to Clabby force the milling for the first few rounds and not until the last half of the session did he seem to find any need to go after the Milwaukeean — as only Gardner can. In the ninth round Gardner had Clabby in a flurry and if the Lowellite  had been in proper condition, with sufficient-steam in his punches, a knockout would have been a likelihood.

 The tenth round, too, saw Gardner force Clubby off his feet. The last two rounds made Clabby look like a farce. Clabby has always been touted,  and rightly as a clever boxer, but Gardner stands head and shoulders above him in this. What blows Gardner landed were clean and with closed glove, while Clabby was inclined to be wild and he constantly hit with the open mitt. The Millwaukee boy seemed content to take light punishment and sometimes good stiff punches in order to await an opportunity to get through the Lowellite's superb defense.

It was not a pretty fight from a scientific boxing standpoint and  thus disappointed some who expected to see the two cleverest welter weights in the world give an exhibition worth going many miles to see. It was a slow affair mainly because Gardner hung back . He knows his game, however, and played it well.

The first round was Clabby's. The second was about even, with a shade for Clabby in the third. The fifth was about even and the sixth must be given to Clabby. Gardner took the seventh a long ways and from the eighth it was Gardner all the way. Clabby’s advantages in the earlier rounds seemed entirely offset. Clabby came lack in spurts but seemed to be all through. He was wild and rarely landed. It looked as If Gardner would land a knockout any moment, but he lacked the steam. Gardner had him in trouble at the end.

The Chicago Inter-Ocean comments

as follows on the bout:

"By taking a long chance and going into the fight like a wildcat, Jimmy Gardner snatched victory away from almost sure defeat in a 10 round bout with Jimmy Clabby. In the first few rounds it looked as if Clabby would certainly finish the Lowell boy before the limit was reached.

Gardner proved a surprise, however by starting in to rush matters in the seventh round and fighting hard enough in those last three sessions to more than even up Clabby's early lead.

First Round is Clabby's

There was as much preliminary fuss inside the ring before the main event as if it had been a championship  affair. They started off  cautiously. Gardner landed first, but Clabby was quick to return. The Milwaukee man rushed Gardner to the ropes three times during the round and had a shade the better of it. Gardner lacked a lot of his old time speed and was plainly out of condition.

In the second round there were some fierce exchanges, and with rights and lefts, Clabby did most of the damage, and Gardner had little force to the blows he did land. They were in-a fierce mixup with Gardner on the ropes at the end of the round.

The third round found the men hard at it from the start. They rushed at each other and mixed it furiously, Clabby forced matters, and after another mixupClabby again rushed the Lowell boy and forced Gardner through the ropes. Clabby did all of the forcing in this round and had a clear advantage.

In the fourth round Gardner started out to force matters and prevented Clabby repeating but the Milwaukee boy again had him breaking ground before half of' the round was finished Clabby had Gardner on the ropes three times during the round, but Jimmy was fighting gamely, little damage being done at the end.

Opening  the fifth  round  Clabby Started with a series  of straight left jabs  to Gardner's face.. The Lowell Boy  was cut  over  the right eye and bleeding .His returns were weak, and Clabby only smiled as he took them and waited for a chance to get back. Gardner  was weak  at  the end of the round. 

Gardner was  doing more kidding than fighting in the sixth round  and tried, to taunt  Clabby over his inability to get in a telling punch. It was a rather tame round  and ended with Clabby fresh and Gardner puffing. 

In the seventh round Gardner came in and took a chance to rush  Clabby and landed more stiff  punches than in the previous rounds. Clabby failed to fight back with his usual vim in the latter halt of this round and the crowd hissed the two for stalling. 

Gardner started, rushing things in the eighth.  Clabby seemed to have lost some of his steam. This round, was a hummer, all the way through and Gardner showed to be the better boxer.

Gardner Makes Up Ground

It was Gardner who again started in to rush matters in the ninth session and he had Clabby guessing from the start. However, the Milwaukee boy was able to come back in spurts but through his cleverness Gardner had the better of it.

Gardner came back  like a whirlwind in the tenth, and put it all over Clabby. The Milwaukee boy seemed weak and without even a defense. It looked as if Gardner would land a knockout punch

at any moment, but he lacked the steam. Clabby finally got his bearings and started to fight back, but his swings were wild and seldom landed. Gardner had him troubled at the end.




The Times

1 August 1923

Curtain Fall On Fighting Career Of Jimmy Clabby

clabby-2Jimmy Clabby will never fight again. His ring career ended Monday night as he fell repeatedly under the blows of a young and powerful opponent in the arena at East Chicago. He had been beaten in two rounds by MorrieSchlaifer of Omaha Defeat is inevitable and Jimmy staved it off  longer than any of his contemporaries. He was the  last man of his day to quit the ring, Mike Gibbons, McGoorty. Gardner, Mike "Twin" Sullivan and scores of other top-notchers of his time finished years ago.


It was the great fighting heart of Jimmy Clabby that kept him on borrowed time. His debacle was

some four years ago but he refused to quit. For seventeen years he has met them all. It was Jim  Jeff'ries  who said of  Cabby: "He Is, the greatest middleweight boxer I have seen "


He fought more twenty round fights than any man in modern ring history. He was aman all fighters feared. He had an exceptional combination of skill, strategy and fighting spirit. Jimmy Clabby was in the forefront of the boxing world for seventeen yearn. He began as a lightweight at the are of 16 and by the time he grew to be a welterweight he had a great deal of fighting experience Tom Andrews' sporting book states he was the welterweight champion of the world in 1910,11 and 12 and that he then became contender for the middleweight championship with Gibbons, McGoorty, Jeff Smith and George Chip.

His greatest fight was at Butte. Mont-, in 1912 when he won a decision over McCoorty  in twelve rounds after having  been knocked down for the count of nine twice in the first round.

Clabby was conceded to be the greatest middleweight boxer of the time, and lacked only the slugging ability to become champion. He was never a mauler, always a ring general, a boxer and the greatest of in fighters. No man of his weight was a match for Clabby in the clinches.


He went to England where he was the sensation of the sporting world He defeated the British champion and returned to America. next going to Australia where he became welter, middleweight and light heavyweight champion. He knocked out Tommy Turen, Albert Lloyd and Dave Smith, Australia's greatest fighters for the welter, middle and light heavyweight titles, respectively and he was the idol of the Antipodes.

Jimmy reached the height of his fighting career in Australia and there also began his decline. When he returned to the United States a year ago he was really finished as a fighter.  Seventeen strenuous years had left there mark. The fire and strength of youth were gone. The fighting spirit and knowledge remained. His eyes were not as alert and his legs less shifty. He had slowed up and while his friends and admirers refused  to admit it, and remained  faithful, they knew in their hearts that Jimmy was through as a fighter.

Schlaifer was the first man of his own class to box Clabby since he returned home.  Clabbv had knocked one second rater into dreamland at a boxing show in West Hammond , and he knocked out Patsy  Rocco of East Chicago He gave O’Keefe a terrible whipping , but all of these men would have had no business in the ring with Clabby in the days of his prime.

Youth Versus Age

But when jimmy stepped under the arc lights Monday night and faced one of the toughest middleweights of the hour, a man who would have extended the Clabby of old, then came the truth. Age is no match for youth.

JimmyClabby went down game, honorable and with the sympathy and admiration of the fighting world It was sad and a silent throng that left the ringside. Schlaifer was sorry. He rushed into the shower to tell Clabby,  with one eye closed as the result of the Omaha boys  punches, Jimmy shook hands.

"It's all right, son." he said, “You are a good strong fellow and were too much for me.  It comes to every man who stays in the game. I am through as a fighter"

The close of Clabbys career is a loss to Hammond. He was always loyal to his home town and never let  an opportunity slip to boost It wherever he might travel. He saw to it that his publicity read, 'Jimmy Clabby of Hammond," and no city has been attached to a fighters name as closely as that of Hammond to Clabby.