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Frank Mantell



Name: Frank Mantell
Career Record:click
Nationality: Canadian
Hometown: Wichita, Kansas, USA


The Letherbridge Daily Herald

29 September 1916

Weeks Successfully Defends Title

Puts Mantell Out For Count In Third

It took Billy Weeks two rounds, two minutes and fifty seconds to successfully defend his title against Frank Mantell of Butte in the ten round scheduled contest last night at the Majestic theatre. A haymaker right to Mantell’s body ear the close to the third round put the challenger down for the count and Weeks was declared the winner.

Cries of "'foul, foul” greeted the decision. Many in the audience claimed that  Weeks' last blow was low. Mantell's seconds putting forward the same opinion. The referee, H. F- Brooks, sporting editor of the Calgary Herald, stoutly maintained that the blow was fair and there were few in the ringside seats to disagree with him.

It was just a case of too much Weeks. The middleweight champion is too experienced a fighter and with the advantage of five pounds in weight, he made life miserable for the contender.  At that Mantell shaped up fairly well as a boxer. The opinion of the fans is that Mantell against man of his own weight who is a boxer instead of a tear in fighter, would put up a pretty exhibition. But Weeks went into the fray with the evident intention of doing the job with as little waste of  time as possible and he did it.

The blow that put Mantell out wasn't the only one delivered by the champion that put Mantell in difficulties. Twice in the second round Mantell went to the floor. The first time Weeks put him through the ropes with a body blow and Mantell stayed down while the referee counted eight on him when the bell saved the day. The last time, in the third round, Mantell went down. He was inevident agony and though he couldn’t raise himself in time he made every effort to do so.