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Name: Fireman Jim Flynn
Career Record:click
Alias: Andrew Haymes
Birth Name: Andrew Chairiglione
Nationality: US American
Birthplace: Hoboken, NJ, USA
Hometown: Pueblo, CO
Born: 1879-12-24
Died: 1935-04-12
Age at Death: 55
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5' 9�
Reach: 175
Division: Heavyweight

                                The News, Frederick, MD

                       20 July 1944

                  Flynn, Who Kayoed Dempsey Was Pretty Tough Customer


Fireman Jim Flynn never won a title but he gave a couple of heavyweight champions their toughest fights and goes down in ring history as the only man who knocked out Jack Dempsey. 

Starting in 1901 Flynn fought them all over a stretch of 22 years. reaching his peak in 1911, the year promoters were frantically seeking a challenger to dethrone Jack Johnson. It was the white hope era. Fireman Jim knocked out aspiring contenders with such neatness and dispatch he became known as the "Destroyer of Hopes." 

Flynn was nearing the end of his career when he met Jack Dempsey just embarking on his, in Salt Lake City. Feb. 13, 1917. Flynn ducked Dempsey's lead and crossed a right to the chin that dropped the Manassa Mauler on his back. As Jack bounced to his feet, Flynn, standing over him with right cocked, dropped him again and again. After the sixth knockdown Dempsey didn't get up in time.

Ring Worms Skeptical 

This signal triumph meant little to Flynn at the time. He hadn't sampled Iron Mike, Dempsey's potent left hook, as Jack hadn't landed a blow in the fight. Indeed, there was quite a bit of eyebrow lifting among the ringworms, who expressed the belief that the affair was a barney. 

A year and a day later Feb. 14, 1918, at Ft. Sheridan—it was entirely different. Dempsey hit Flynn the hardest punch he ever received and the lights went out on the Pueblo Fireman shortly after the bell started the first round. 

Jim Flynn, 5-9 ½ , 180 in fighting trim, was born Dec. 24, 1879 in Hoboken, N. J. His real name was Andrew Haymes. Young Haymes took the name of Jim Flynn when he entered the ring. In those days most fighters and actors assumed other names for professional purposes. 

The family moved to Pueblo, Col., and Jinn took to railroading, working as fireman when still a boy. Reared in the wide open spaces of the Rockies, young Jim Flynn became one of the best rough and tumble battlers of his time.

Burns Picks Pushover

Tommy Burns credited Flynn with giving him his hardest battle in Los Angeles, Oct. 12, 1906, about eight months after Tommy had beaten Marvin Hart for the vacated heavyweight championship. Burns picked Flynn as a pushover, but the young fireman gave him such a terrific shellacking before Tommy got over the crusher in the 15th that, the champion collapsed when he returned to his hotel. 

Flynn met Jack Johnson in Las Vegas, N. M., July 4, 1912, gave “Li'lArtha “a terrific battering— and took one in return—for nine rounds, when the police intervened On the ground that the affair had "developed into a prizefight." Flynn fought his last ring battle against Jack Spence in 1924.

Jim retired after this, turned to promoting. He died in Los Angeles April 12, 1935, after a lingering illness.

Johnson v Flynn

The Daily Democrat
4th July 1912

Jack Johnson Wins Bout In Ninth Round

“What A Chance Flynn Had And Tossed It Off”

Decision Given to Johnson on a foul blow. Contestants had agreed that if police interfered man who had best at time should get decision. Flynn lost chance of his life says promoter.

Jim Flynn, the Pueblo fireman, and America's most noted "white hope," since the defeat of Jeffries by the big black champion, at Reno two years ago, lost the decision on the world's heavyweight championship fight to Jack Johnson on the ninth round.

The police interfered in the midst of the ninth round on account of Flynn's butting, it was therefore decided that Johnson won on a foul. The official decision –was given on an agreement entered into by both the contestants before the bout that if the police interfered that the man who had the best of it up to  that time should get the decision.

Over Jealousness Spoiled Grand Fight

According to the promoters over jealousness on the part of the police spoiled a grand fight. They  state that Flynn lost the chance of his life. He had Johnson worried to death. Spider Kelly when he saw the outcome cried out “ good God what a chance Flynn had and tossed it off”.  Bets go as they stand. Those who bet on Johnson win, those who bet on a knockout lose.

It is declared that Johnson also violated  the regulations by holding on and hitting with one hand. Johnson claims the decision rests solely upon the number of clean blows from the beginning to the end of the contest. Flynn took  every advantage of the situation that presented it self.

Crowds sympathy with Flynn

The crowd way not in accord with the action of the officials The vast throng of people refused to leave the arena. Flynn is down-hearted. He said he felt himself the winner  and that Johnson was weak and getting weaker and that he used no foul tactics himself  until Johnson had.

Johnson never complained so often to the referee in all his former battles put together.  In former contests he has always waived any little transgression Of the rules on the part of an opponent. This time Flynn's slightest violation of the strict code regulations called for an appeal to the referee. Flynn made good use of his head 'and knowledge of boxing tactics.

Flynn's most severe injury was a cut over the left eye. Johnson bled from the mouth in one round and left the ring.

The fight was called at 2 o'clock sharp, western time.Several minutes Before the fight Johnson entered unannounced and took his place in his quarters. Flynn and his party entered soon after and took their quarters to the west. The band played martial music.

Cash Parver, the "white hope" I from Texas, was a prominent figure at the ringside.

Before the first round, Jack Curley, the promoter, examined Flynn's mitts , while Chick Coleman saw that Johnson did not have a horse shoe in his.

Johnson entered the ring first Flynn soon followed him amidst an outburst of applause, wearing a red bath robe. The attendance was estimated at 4,000. The high priced ring side seats were well occupied and the management Won a pretty nice little purse above expenses .a private box to the west of ringside was built for society women and they were shaded by American flags.

Joe Jeanette challenged Johnson offering him thirty thousand dollars for a thirty round contest.

Fight by rounds

Round 1

Men toe. Flynn into Johnson’s right . A light punch to close clinch; Johnson uppercuts with right to jaw; clinch again. Flynn gets uppercut to chin; they clinch; Flynn buts Johnson in the chest; they break. Johnson light left tap on the jaw; clinch. Johnson grins and holds Flynn off. Johnson lands hard; right upper cut draws first blood. Flynn rushes upon him. Gong rings.

Round 2

Johnson jabs Flynn five times. Flynn gets light left to head, clinch. Johnson drives hard right to jaw; clinch. They break; Johnson uppercuts with right and hooks left to jaw; clinch. Flynn gets left to jaw and right to stomach; clinch. Flynn gets two light lefts to stomach. Johnson hooks right to Flynn’s jaw. Gong Rings. Johnson laughs and winks to a friend as he takes his seat.

Round 3

Flynn meets Jack before he is out of his corner. In the clinch Flynn pounds the stomach. In the break, Johnson jab’s nose with light left. Flynn gets right lo ribs and overhanded left to the head. John uppercuts Flynn three times in a clinch. Flynn. tries for eye and misses. Jack drives hard right to chest, Flynn uppercuts with left to jaw; clinch. Flynn pounds the stomach. Flynn gets hard left to mouth and Johnson is bleeding. They clinch. Johnson uppercuts three limes with right. Flynn covered with blood And hanging on. Johnson rocks Flynn's head twice as the bell rings-, with stiff uppercuts. Johnson’s round.

Round 4

 Johnson  shoves straight left in jaw. Johnson holds Flynn with left and uppercuts with right twice.  Flynn jabs the stomach. Johnson jabs Flynn on nose starting the blood Flynn drives two lefts to the stomach. Johnson rushes him to the ropes with straight rights to the nose. Flynn Gets in two body blows. Flynn misses an uppercut and Jack laughs. They are clinching . In the break Flynn tries a left swing and misses. John sends right to jaw three times. Flynn drives right three times in jaw. Bell

Round 5

Mrs Johnson waves at the big ink. Flynn lands left to jaw and right to ribs  ,clinch. John gets Flynns mouth with a light left. Johnson jabs Flynn’s nose three times, clinch. Jack rocks Flynn;s head with a left uppercut, clinch. Flynn pounds the stomach four or five times. Johnson pats Flynn on the back of his head, the crowd cheers. Johnson rebukes Flvnn  for butting , and Flynn says, "Make him let go." Clinch at the bell. Flynn smiles for the first time as he goes to his corner.

Round 6

Flynn comes with a rush. They clinch and  Flynn butts Johnson twice on the chin. Flynn hollers to the referee to call him off. In fierce rally, Flynn drives five or six vicious blows to the stomach and Jack breaks ground plainly. They clinch, and Flynn drives a hard right and left to stomach. Johnson jabs nose, they clinch. Johnson claims Flynn is butting him. Johnson’s seconds raise an uproar. Flynn drives right to ribs. They mix it fiercely  and Johnson uppercuts. Flynn drives Drives right to kidneys and rushes to the ropes as the bell rings. Flynn rushes into action. Johnson holds Flynn. They break; Johnson jabs Flynn three times lightly on the nose. Flynn backs Jack  all around the ring. Flynn poked1 two hard lefts to the stomach and right and left to stomach. Flynn  grabs and holds till referee breaks them. Flynn gets right to jaw and receives three uppercuts. with Jack's left to the jawin a close mixup.

Round 7

Flynn rushes into Johnson. They break. Johnson jabs Flynn three times lightly on the nose, Flynn backs Jack all around the ring. Flynn poked two hard lefts to stomach and right .and left to stomach. Flynn  holds till referee breaks them. Flynn meets right to jaw and receives three uppercutswith Jack's left to the jaw in a close mixup.

Round 8

Johnson lands. Johnson gets sore and calls referee’s attention to it. Johnson drives a right to Flynn's jaw,  and straight left to mouth. They clinch. After the break, Flynn tears in. driving two hard blows to body. Johnson scores heavily with right to The nose; clinch. Flynn butts three times. The referee breaks them. Johnson, jabs left to jaw and right to nose; clinch. Johnson holds Flynn. Flynn gets right to heart and left to nose: clinch. Johnson holds Flynn and Flynn jumps up and butts Johnson twice on the chin. Flynn is covered in blood.

Round 9

They clinch. Johnson holds Flynn and they wrestle. In the break Jack jabs left to nose and right uppercut to nose, Flynn drives two rights to the stomach and left to heart. Clinch.

The police are in the ring to stop fight. Jack Curley is talking to the sheriff. The fight was awarded to Johnson, after the black was butted b
y Flynn.