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Article by Ty Cobb

28 May 1944



ALTHOUGH He's  passed through en route to San Francisco and Los Angeles around 50 times, "Broadway" Charley Rose is paying his first visit to Reno and enjoying the process no end. "Broadway" Charley, so dubbed by Dan Parker because he was the initial fistic figure to take the fight game's management-promotion end from the saloons to the big street, explains how he got his nickname.

"Years ago all the big matches were made in the saloons," he says. "I rented an 'office' at Broadway and 49th which was a hole-in-the-wall and cost $15 a month. It had one desk and one chair. 1rented half of the desk to Jack Curley (later the world's top wrestling impresario and later we cut in third to Jack Kearns  Jack Dempsey's manager). We still had the one desk and one chair. Some of the world's greatest bouts were consummated in this headquarters."

Rose at one time had strings on 82 fighters and among his connections were Max Schmeling,  Freddie Welch , Johnny Rosner ,Jimmy Goodrich , Mike McTigue, Paul Berlenbach, Willie Jackson, Cocoa Kid, Harry Wills ,Fred Fulton ,Jack Renault, Carl Morris and Bill Hood.

"Broadway Charley," who has been in the fight game since 1900,took time out to go overseas in the last war. He tossed a hand grenade in a German dugout and nine Heinies emerged. The photo taken afterward, of Charley and his nine prisoners, shows a surly-looking Hun with a Charlie Chaplin mustache who, they say, bears a striking resemblance to party named Adolf.

Rose recalls that the other prisoners called his "Shickie" and "Adolf" and is certain he had the character who started this war right in his hands.

Rose is now resting at Steamboat Springs and will return to the coast soon to resume his travels with Holman Williams, sensational  Negro who is claimed to be the "uncrowned" middleweight champion. Williams has only lost two bouts in 45 and reversed both those decisions .Among his victims are Jack Chase (four times), Lloyd Marshall, R. J. Lewis,Joe Basora, Cat Robinson, Izzy Janzaao,Vincent Pimpinell ,Mario Ochoa,Slugger White, Gene Buffalo, VinneVines.

The fight game veteran considers Williams the lone throwback, among modern fighters, to the old timers.After 44 years in the fistic whirl, he picks these as his all time greatest: .Flyweight   Jimmy Barry, Bantam  Terry McGovern, Feather  Abe Attell. , Light  Benny Leonard, Welter  Joe Walcott. Middle Stanley Ketchell. Lightheavy  Harry Greb. Heavy Sam Langford.