Name: Andre Routis
Born: 1900-07-16
Died: 1969-07-16 (Age:69)
Reach: 169cm
Pro Boxer:



The Morning Herald , Hagerstown, Maryland

December 17, 1928

Routis.AndreAndrea Routis

The reign o f Andre Routis, second French king of featherweights, most probably will be longer than that of the Eugene Criqui , the first French boy to wear the feather crown.

Criqui did not last a fight after he had won the crown. He won the title back in 1923 from Johnny Kilbane and the very next fight he had Johnny Dundee took it away from him.

Such, however, seems not to be the fate of Andre the First.  Joe Jacobs, who had Routis's  contract is playing safe. He recently handed over a check for the contract of a young Philadelphia  featherweight who had won 30 consecutive fights since turning pro. Probably Jacobs expects Homo day to see this lad wearing the royal mantle which now bedecks Routis, but Jacobs doesn’t  care for that to happen just yet.

However, Routis may linger a long time' on the feather heap. In winning the title from Tony Canzoneri, Koutis, who is by no means  a "showy” fighter, demonstrated that he is a tireless ring man and just as his heavy bombarding fists put a stop to the dancing steps of Cantoneri so might any challengers strength be sapped in the face of  the champion's aggressiveness.

Routis was born in Bordeaux, France, the town where many Yankees landed on their way to their bout with Kaiser Wilhelm. Routis is 28. After winning the French amateur championship in 1918, Routis turned professional in 1919 and won every fight but one in his first three years of battling in France.