Name: Phil Bloom
Career Record:
Nationality: United Kingdom
Birthplace: London, England
Hometown: New York, New York, USA
Born: 1894-10-24
Died: 1979-02-08
Age at Death: 84
Height: 5′ 7″
An outstanding lightweight from London, Bloom fought every great lightweight of his era (1912-1923), including Benny Leonard, Jack Britton, Leach Cross, and Lew Tendler, but never got a shot at the title.

Birth and Death Dates:
b. October 24, 1894 - d. unknown

Career Highlights:
A lightweight at the top of the division during his career in the 1910s, Bloom began fighting professionally in 1912. The following year, he battled future champ Freddie Welsh in November to a 10-round no decision. In 1914, he faced off against the great Jack Britton in a contest that resulted in another no decision; the following year, Bloom fought Britton and legendary featherweight Johnny Dundee to no decisions. Bloom is perhaps best remembered, though, for his epic series of bouts with Benny Leonard, widely regarded as the greatest lightweight to ever step into a ring. Bloom fought the legendary champion no fewer than eight times between January 1914 and October 1919. The two proud warriors fought to six draws, with Leonard knocking Bloom out in the other two contests. During his career, Bloom also fought future champ Rocky Kansas (eight-round no decision) and George "K.O." Chaney (two losses) before retiring in 1923.

London, England

Career Statistics:
Professional record:
Wins: 43 (15 by knockout)
Losses: 22
Draws: 11
No decisions: 99