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The Boxing Biographies Newsletter

Volume 5 – No 9     9th   Nov ,  2009





Name: Tod Morgan
Career Record: click
Birth Name: Albert Morgan Pilkington
Nationality: US American
Hometown: Seattle, Washington, USA
Birthplace: Dungeness, Washington, USA
Born: 1902-12-25
Died: 1953-08-03
Age at Death: 50
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5′ 7″
Reach: 180
Division: Super Featherweight
Trainer: Spider Roach
Managers: Fred Morgan, Frank Churchill
Photo: Morgan with his father/manager Fred.

According to the April 7, 1927 Spokane Spokesman-Review, Tod Morgan was born in Dungeness, WA--which is adjacent to Sequim. (Dungeness is now a ghost town.)

Per an August 19, 1923 Seattle Daily Times newspaper article, Morgan's first bout occurred in Concrete, Washington. His second occurred at Anacortes, Washington, and his opponent was Pete Moe. He then headed south to California with his step-father Fred Morgan, who had been born in Oregon. That article also states Morgan's record, at that August 1923 date, to be 68 total bouts so far, losing three, and having never been knocked out. (On December 17, 1925, the Associated Press reported that Morgan, who was in San Francisco at the time, had settled the "hometown question" by proclaiming Seattle, Washington, as his official hometown--saying that he had lived there longer than anywhere else. Tod once had sold newspapers on the streets of Seattle.)