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The Boxing Biographies Newsletter


Volume 2- No 8            18th March ,  2008


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The Battling Nelson Story




I concluded the siege of 1901 in old "Jonahville," Milwaukee, tying up with Charley Berry again. We -met the night after I had cleaned up big middleweight Walsh, and I felt as though I was due to close up the final chapter of the reason by licking Berry. He pursued his same old tactics of stalling, holding on in clinches and dancing around the ring, keeping out of harm's way, and as a result I hardly got a chance to hand over my sleep pills during the fight. I just couldn't shake the hoodoo, and though I was giving him the worst of it whenever I got near him, and at the finish was smothering him with blows, he was awarded the decision on "points." So ended the hardest and unluckiest year of fighting experienced by me during my entire career - 1901.