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The Boxing Biographies Newsletter

Volume 5 - No 7      12 Oct ,  2009




Name: Eddie Shea
Career Record:
Nationality: US American
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Born: 1905-01-01
Age at Death: 42
5′ 8″
Division: Featherweight
Joe Glaser, Ray Alvis

  • Exact date of birth in 1902 unknown.
  • Height sometimes recorded as being 5 feet, 4 inches.
  • Featured on the cover of the May 1931 The Ring magazine
  • New Castle News
  • 12 Jan 1926
  • A short while ago the wires carried the brief announcement that Eddie Shea, Chicago featherweight, had been matched to meet one Benny Gershe in the latter's home own of Cleveland. It looked just like any other fight to Shea until after his arrival in Cleveland. Then, to his surprise, Safely Director Barry of that city, who incidentally heads the boxing commission, called him into conference and told him of a well defined rumour that he ( Eddie Shea) was supposed to "take one" that Mr. Gershe, his manager and constituents might clean up on the
  • bout.
  • No suspicion was attached to Shea's name, but one member of his entourage  was said to be implicated in the plot.
  • Now Mr. Shea decided quite properly that there was but one way to prove his ignorance of any such plot and his disgust of such a plan, and he took that way. He socked Mr Gershe flat on his back in the fourth round, after bouncing the Clevelander around the ring like a can buoy for three
  • rounds.
  • The sure thing boys lost plenty, doubled crossed by their own gang. And Shea found himself  in big demand. Right off the bat he drew a bout with Mel ( Johnny ) Sheppard at Akron, and then found waiting for him a request to return to Cleveland for another battle—this time with