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The Boxing Biographies Newsletter

Volume 5 - No 6       21st Sept ,  2009

Name: Jimmy Gardner
Career Record:
Nationality: Irish
Lowell, Massachusetts, USA
Born: 1885-12-25
5′ 7″

  • The Lowell Sun

15 March 1910

Jimmy Gardner

Had No trouble With Jimmy Clabby In Milwaukee


The following account of Jimmy's Gardner's recent fight, with Jimmy Clabby is from The Evening Wisconsin of Milwaukee.The path that lies  before Jimmy Clabby of Milwaukee. on his way to the welter weight  championship is troublesome. It is a weary route, rough and stony, with one stone wall — Jimmy Gardner of  Lowell. Mass .— looming up before him. constantly as he nears the end.

This stumbling block, Gardner, caused Clabby to stop short for the third time in his brilliant career last night in a ten-round,  no-decision bout, before the Badger Athletic club and several thousand enthusiastic fans  in the Hippodrome. If a decision had been rendered, Clabby would have been very lucky to get a draw. Gardner had a big shade, and when in the best of condition ought to be the Milwaukee boy's .master at any time. No decision was rendered under the law permitting the, exhibition.

Gardner was about 10 to 15 pounds over his regular boxing weight and plainly out of condition.. If he figured that he had no need of doing any hard preliminary work in order to defeat Clabby. he plainly showed it: Gardner might as well have stepped from  the train from the east and gone directly  into   the ring  for all his training at  Chicago seemed to have done him good.And yet under these circumstances the Lowell boy showed himself the master of Clabby. In the  unbiased  opinion of an unbiased man — the man who should know — Gardner had more than a shade and if he had been in shape, there would have been nothing to it.

Gardner seemed contented to Clabby force the milling for the first few rounds and not until the last half of the session did he seem to find any need to go after the Milwaukeean — as only Gardner can. In the ninth round Gardner had Clabby in a flurry and if the Lowellite  had been in proper condition, with sufficient-steam in his punches, a knockout would have been a likelihood. The tenth round, too, saw Gardner force Clubby off his feet. The last two rounds made Clabby look like a farce. Clabby has always been touted,  and rightly as a clever boxer, but Gardnerstands head and shoulders above him in this. What blows Gardner landed were clean and with closed glove, while Clabby was inclined to be wild and he constantly hit with the open mitt. The Millwaukee boy seemed content to take light punishment and sometimes good stiff punches in order to await an opportunity to get through the Lowellite's superb defense.

It was not a pretty fight from a scientific boxing standpoint and  thus disappointed some who expected to see the two cleverest welter weights in the world give an exhibition worth going many miles to see. It was a slow affair mainly because Gardner hung back . He knows his game, however, and played it well.

The first round was Clabby's. The second was about even, with a shade for Clabby in the third. The fifth was about even and the sixth must be given to Clabby. Gardner took the seventh a long ways and from the eighth it was Gardner all the way. Clabby’s advantages in the earlier rounds seemed entirely offset. Clabby came lack in spurts but seemed to be all through. He was wild and rarely landed. It looked as If Gardner would land a knockout any moment, but he lacked the steam. Gardner had him in trouble at the end.