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The Boxing Biographies Newsletter

Volume 7 No 5 – 4th  June ,  2011


Name: Al Palzer

1917-07-26 (Age:27)
US American

6 3   /   191cm
Boxing Record:

Giant Farmer No Match For Cowboy McCarty

Nebraskan Heavyweight Now Heads List

of Big Fellows; Best Boxer


VERNON ARENA, Jan. 2.1913 —Luther McCarty, the Nebraska cowboy, is today heralded as the white champion of the world, and Al Palzer of Iowa is out of the running. For nearly eighteen rounds yesterday the cowboy punched the giant, about the ring, and in the eighteenth, with Palzer dizzily staggering from a volley of terrific lefts to the face, Referee Eyton stopped the fight


With the elimination of Jack Johnson from pugilism, on account of his recent escapades, this victory puts McCarty in the position of heavyweight champion, but, until the Negro is disposed of he will probably be accepted only as white champion.  He declares that he will not fight the Negro under any consideration.


Palzer, in spite of his superior height, weight and reach, was no match for the cool-headed, agile youngster. The slow witted farmer literally stumbled through the fight, assimilating terrific punishment, and his bull-like rushes were productive of nothing but more blows for

himself. He scarcely landed a clean blow throughout the fight his hardest punch only provoked the smiles of his lighter but quicker-witted antagonist.