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The Boxing Biographies Newsletter

Volume 1- No 18   Part 1                        6 December 2007


This edition is split into two parts and provides a detailed account of the life of one of the true legends of sport

Tex Rickard



Waterloo Evening Courier

9th  January 1929

He Was My Pal Said Many Men In Varied Walks

Tex Rickard Born Jan “, 1870, Early Encountered Stirring Success

Following is the first chapter of "The Life of Tex Rickard," written by George Kirksey of the United Press sports staff, who was with the late promoter at Miami Beach up to the time of his death. Additional chapters, probably 10 in number, will follow daily. The story is based upon facts obtained by Kirksey up to the time or Rickard's illness, and on information gathered from many parts of  the country from men and women who knew Rickard from boyhood, including his 81- year-old mother in Seattle, who contributed largely to the first chapter.


United Press Start Correspondent.

"He was my pal." It was said of Tex Rickard by many men in varied walks of life; by cowboys and millionaires, prize fighters and society men. But it remained for his 81-year-old mother, when she learned of his death, to plumb the depth of the sincerity of his extraordinary character by saying: "George was my pal." The man who rode a trail to fortune from the ranches of the far west to the heights of showmanship and unparalleled success as a promoter .was christened George Lewis Rickard. His nickname of Tex, by which the world came to know him, was given him during his early manhood. His mother never liked it. "He was always George Lewis to me," she said.