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The Boxing Biographies Newsletter

Volume 1- No 15                            3 November 2007

The Waterloo Times Tribune

29 November 1912

Ad Wolgast Steps Down, Ritchie Up Lightweight Champion Pug Of The World Is Dead

Long Live The Champ

Willie stands Two fouls and Referee Gives Him The Belt

Daly City, California, Nov. 28.

Willie Ritchie, of San Francisco, became the lightweight champion, of the world by defeating Ad Wolgast this afternoon, at the Daly City open air arena, referee Jim Griffin awarding him the decision in the sixteenth round. Wolgast had fouled him twice.

Wobbling on leaden legs, his eyes glazed and his body reeling, Ad Wolgast, conqueror of "Battling" Nelson, fouled Willie Ritchie twice in the sixteenth round of their fight at Daly City today. With the wave of Referee Jim Griffin's hand, which disqualified him, the lightweight championship of the world passed for the first time in Queensbury history into the keeping of a California boy.

By his ring generalship, his courage and his splendid fighting ability, Ritchie won his spurs in the championship division. Through round after round, toe to toe milling, he earned clear title to the pugilistic crown he wears, with his waspish left to the face and his stinging right cross.