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The Boxing Biographies Newsletter

Volume 1- No 14                             20th October 2007 please visit our parent site


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Dubuque Telegraph Herald

16 November 1901

Jeffries Is the Victor

Ruhlin Gives Up In The fifth Round And Retires

San Francisco Nov 16

In one of the most unsatisfactory prize fights ever witnessed in this country. James J. Jeffries proved to be the victor last night over Gus Ruhlin, the "Akron Giant” in the fifth round of what was to have been a twenty round struggle, Ruhlin wilted and then surrendered to his peer to the utter amazement and disgust of the assembled thousands.

 No one was more surprised at the outcome than Jeffries himself  who asserted that while he had delivered one telling blow in the second round, he did not expect to win the victory so easily. Ruhlin’s sole explanation of the outcome of the fight is that he received a chance blow which  utterly disabled him and that Jeffries persisted in fighting him low.

While Ruhlin will make no absolute charge of  Jeffries having committed a foul, he intimates that he was unfairly handled, and injured as the result. Ruhlin received the support of his seconds in this stand, who say his was a hopeless case after the second round.

When Ruhlin went to his dressing room he was followed by a very depressed  retinue. The defeated man complained of no pain and moved about without assistance.