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Matty McCue


Name:Matty McCue
Alias: Belle City Bomber
Birth Name: Matthew Poulson
Born: 1895-02-14
1971-04-08 (Age:76)
Nationality: US American
Hometown: Racine, Wisconsin, USA
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5′ 3″   /   160cm
Boxing Record:click



The Racine Journal 22 April 1914

 McCue DrawsWithMandot







Matty McCue, Racine’s sensational little lightweight, demonstrated his right to be considered a top notcher in his division, last evening, when he held Joe Mandot of New Orleans, an old head , who has met and held his own with all of the leaders in this class, to a slashing draw in their ten round conflict before the Racine A.C. at the Lakeside arena. It was one of 'the prettiest fights ever seen here abouts and the crowd of three thousand fans who witnessed it expressed their satisfaction at the end of the bout by cheering the game little battlers to the echo as they left the ring.

 Big Crowd Sees Fight

The crowd was one of the largest that has ever witnessed any of John Wagner's cards yet. In spite of the fact that high-feelings ran rife at the news of the Mexican slaughter of four American Marines it was one of the most orderly audiences that has ever attended a local engagement. After the boys had entered the ring and exchanged a few blows the crowd settled back with a sigh of relief prepared to watch what it knew was going to be a great battle.

Matty started proceedings by playing for Mandot's "tummy" and before the end of the first he had that part of his opponent's anatomy in an aureate hue. The New Orleans boy did not understand McCue's low crouch and long reach, but he managed to land a left hook to the McCue left 'eye which nearly closed that member. McCue landed several to the chin and the round went to him on points.

Mandot Opens Up

In the second round Mandot, having felt out his opponent and having found out the danger of the McCue right hook, played a standoff and hit game that seemed to confuse the Racine Gladiator  who stopped a number of hard rights. The round went to Mandot. The third round went to Matty. After the first few seconds of fighting he landed a right upper cut Which rocked Mandot. Had it not been for the fact that the southerner hung on he would of have hit the mat. Matty could not follow up his advantage, however.

Mandot took the fourth by a shade on account of his aggressive work. McCue went back to his old shell and while none of the Mandot punches did much to hurt him, he lost on points.

It appeared that Matty was remaining in his shell with the idea of finding an opening so  he could put the haymaker on the alleged glass jaw of his opponent. The fifth round was a repetition of the fourth with honors shout even.

Tom Jones Asks For K. O.

before starting the sixth round Tom Jones, who was in McCue's corner, evidently told his protégé  to go out for the bacon. McCue started things, off with a rush, landing several clean blows to Mandot’s one. He ceased playing for the body and confined his efforts to the head. Several times it appeared as if Mandot was in distress but he managed to   weather the gale safely. The seventh round was a duplicate of the sixth, both rounds going to the local boy.

The crowd was of the opinion that Mandot would be losing his steam through the body punishment he was assimilating and that he would slow up and leave his frail jaw open to the vicious McCue right kick, but the eighth  round showed that he was a gladiator of no mean ability and the spectators could better understand how he was able to stand up against such men as Ad Wolgast and Willie Ritchie.

 McCue Shell Stormed

He came at McCue with a rush. Got him into a corner and started pummeling him, with a shower of rights and lefts and for a time it looked as if the little pride of the local Danish colony would quail under the storm, but he managed to wiggle out with a badly cut beak. In the seventh McCue had cut the upper lid of Mandot's right eye and the blood bothered him considerably. By the end of the eighth both boys were gory enough to suit a Mexican audience.

Fight a Good Draw

The ninth round was all Mandot’s while the tenth was a toe to toe draw. This, in our opinion, gave four rounds to each man and two even, making it a good draw. Some of the fans think that McCue ought to be given a hair line shade, but laying aside all "native son" sentiments and playing in all fairness, the fight could be called nothing but a slashing good draw and both battlers ought to set all credit for the tine entertainment accorded the fans. McCue ought to be entitled to some good battles as a result of his last night's showing, while Mandot proved that he is anything but a "has been."