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Name: Ken Overlin
Career Record:click
Nationality: US American
Birthplace: Decatur, IL
Hometown: Norfolk, Virginia, USA
Born: 1910-08-15
Died: 1969-07-24
Age at Death: 58
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5′ 9″
Reach: 178
Manager: Chris Dundee

Oakland Tribune 28 January 1937

Small Crowd Sees

Freddie's Debut

In New York


NEW YORK, Jan. 28.


Fight by fight, it seems harder to figure out the middleweights than any other division in fistic circles. In recent months. Harry Balsamo. Solly Krieger and others have come near the top. only to be upset and shoved out of the running. A few weeks ago. Fred Apostoli came East from his San Francisco home, with a great record behind him. 

Promoter Mike Jacobs signed Apostoli for five fights, starting with what was regarded as somewhat of a "breather" with Ken Overlin of Norfolk. Va. Overlin upset the bucket all the way before 2774 paid customers at the Hippodrome last night by punching out a 10-round decision. A lot of the customers and ring didn’t agree with the decision.

 Overlin's fast start gave him an early advantage which the officials figured Apostoli, outweighed 155 to 159. never overcame. Despite the setback, Apostoli was signed to meet Krieger. the Brooklyn belter, in a 10-rounder at the Hippodrome February 17. - Apostoli was a 2 to 1 favorite but couldn't solve the long, rapier like lefts that the Virginian tossed into his face all during the fight. 

The Associated Press score sheet gave a narrow edge to Apostoli in addition to calling four rounds even- It was those even rounds that decided the outcome evidently in the opinion of the judges and Referee Jack Denning. 

Overlin took the wind- out of the ex-San Francisco bellhop's sails in the first round. Rushing out and catching the West Coast middleweight unawares, he pumped long, hard lefts to his face and had him groggy. 

Apostoli came back with, a fine showing in the second round and fought .on .even .terms in the third, only to lose the fourth on a foul In that fourth round; the Virginian did most .of the damage by  closing Apostoli's left eye with two looping lefts that made the Californian wince and miss.Apostoli's timing thereafter was faulty although he was the aggressor throughout. 

Fight writers were almost unanimous in their opinion that Apostoli should have been given the decision. Despite his setback, Apostoli was immediately signed to meet Solly ' Krieger, Brooklyn middleweight, in the main 10-round attraction at the Hippodrome; February. 

The two judges and referee at first refused to disclose how they voted but later it was learned that the judges voted for Overlin and Referee Jack Denning for a draw