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Name: Jimmy Gardner
Career Record:
Nationality: Irish
Birthplace: Lisdoonvarna, County Clare
Hometown: Lowell, MA
Born: 1885-12-25
Height: 5′ 7½″

The Indianapolis Star
23 Feb 1911

Dillon Takes Rank As Leading Middleweight

Indiana Boy Too Fast For Gardner

Shows His Class by Boxing Clever
Easterner to Standstill Before
Big Crowd.

Pride of Mitchell Club Forces Fort
Wayne Boy's Seconds to
Throw Up Sponge.

Jack Dillon demonstrated before a crowd that packed the Virginia Avenue Auditorium to the guards last night that He is as good as any middleweight in The game today. Whatever qualms of fear We admirers may have had when Dillon was matched with Gardner were set at rest when the youngster more than held his own with Jimmy Gardner, the clever .Eastern middleweight who gave Frank Klaus a severe beating not long ago.

For ten fast rounds Dillon and Gardner went at it hammer and tongs, and while no decision was rendered whatever advantage there was lay with the Indiana boy. He forced the milling most of the time and it took all of Gardner's cleverness to enable him to weather the storm.

From  the fourth round on until the tenth there was not a round in which Gardner could have claimed the shade, but he came back strong in the tenth after he had stood up under a terrific rain of blows in the two previous rounds and held his own. Early in the game Gardner was forced to abandon his boxing at long range, for Dillon kept right on top of him. Gardner worked his left  jab to good advantage, and he planted in some  good body blows, but Jack was too strong for him, and Gardner did not show to advantage in the work at close range.


Even-at boxing Gardner could not show Dillon up. He proved he was in the pink of condition by trying to exchange wallops with Dillon and he gave a beautiful exhibition of blocking. Dillon also showed  his cleverness at avoiding punishment, and his blocking, too, was effective, Dillon, appeared to be larger than Gardner, but they weighed yesterday afternoon at 154 pounds at 3 o'clock and neither raised the beam of the scales.

The Dillon-Gardner bout was not the only good thing on the card. Even the preliminary bouts in which Kid Nig and Jimmy Casey boxed four rounds without a decision and Larry Donovan and Bobby Long put-up a contest that had the crowd on edge for four rounds. Casey had the advantage over Kid Nig, but the Long-Donovan bout was a draw.


In the main bout Gardner and Dillon wasted little time. After rushing into a couple of clinches in the opening round Dillon crowded Gardner to the ropes and had the better of a brief exchange. Dillon blocked left and sent right to the face and again forced Gardner to the ropes. Gardner got through with a left jab to the face, but Dillon forced the going throughout the round. Honors were even.

Gardner rush at the bell-in the second. Dillon blocked his blows and Jack had the better of It when Gardner tried to force the milling. Gardner stayed away and tried to use his left jab, which Dillon blocked. Jack sent right and left to the body in fierce exchange, Gardner covering up. Gardner sent a left to the face and got a right and left in return, and they mixed. Dillon caught Gardner with a hard left on the jaw and Gardner clinched. He jabbed Dillon with his left Dillon smothered him with right and left to face and body. This round was Dillon’s.

Dillon sent a left to the body and kept right after his man in the third round. He shot a right to the jaw and followed  with a left jab to Jimmy's face. Dillon took a right to the body and sent a right and left to Gardner's jaw. He sent two rights  to the jaw and the men clinched. Gardner sent through two left jabs. Dillon rushed him into his corner. They worked to the other side of the ring and Dillon landed three blows to Gardner’s one and they were  in a clinch at, the bell. Dillon had a big advantage and seemed to be the fresher. Gardner's cleverness
was not in evidence as yet against Dillon's style of fierce milling.


They clashed at close range in the fourth and Dillon pumped a half dozen blows into Gardner's wind. Dillon sent swing to chin and right and left to the head as they fought out of a clinch. Gardner got in a right to the jaw, but the blow did not make Dillon break ground. Gardner sent right and left to the face and Dillon missed a right swing. Both men swung hard rights to the head. They were mixing it in the middle of the ring at the-bell. Honors-were fairly even in this round.

Dillon set the pace in the fifth. Gardner shot through a right to Dillon's face, and in the mix up took two hard punches to the body. Dillon landed hard left to face and they clinched. Dillon rushed Gardner to his corner and then sent a hard right to the chin. Jack sent right and left to face, followed by two stiff  left jabs to the face, and he forced Gardner to a clinch against the ropes again, Gardner tried to exchange blows with Dillon, but was forced to cover up. Gardner sent right and left to the face at the bell. Dillon appeared to be the fresher and had a slight advantage In this round. No blow that Gardner landed up to this time seemed to bother Dillon.

Dillon kept right after his man in the sixth and Gardner was more cautious. Dillon sent a stiff left to the jaw, forcing Gardner to back up, and they mixed it, Dillon rushed Gardner to the ropes with right and left to face and body and had the advantage in the milling which followed.  Gardner kept looking for an opening, but his left jab to the face was about the only thing he could hang on Dillon. Jack forced Jimmy to the ropes and showered rights and lefts to the body. They were sparring at the bell, and the round was Dillon's.'


Gardner tried a left jab and got right and left on body in the seventh. Dillon blocked right and left swings and they exchanged body blows. Dillon took a left to the face and sent back right to face. Dillon followed his boring in tactics and missed a vicious right uppercut. He laughed when Gardner slipped through another left jab to the face. Gardner slipped to his knees, but was up in a  jiffy and they exchanged rights and lefts to face. Gardner got through with a left Jab, but was punished about the body in the milling which followed. Jack staggered Gardner with a left to the body and Gardner appeared worried. Just before the bell Gardner shot in a right and Dillon planted  a hard left  to the chin. Dillon gained the lead in this round.

Dillon continued to set the pace in the eighth. Both men eased up a bit and Gardner tried to make, a showing at long range. Dillon kept right on top of him and did not give him a chance to show much of his fancy boxing. Jack sent right and left to face .and followed Gardner around the ring and  landed rights and lefts to face and body in the fiercest milling ever  seen in an Indianapolis ring. Gardner hung on and Dillon kept right after him. Gardner landed three left Jabs but got a hard right in the face and clinched. Dillon was right after him at the bell. Gardner’s cleverness and blocking enabled him to stand up under the rain of blows he received in this round, which was all Dillon’s.

Gardner’s minute of rest did him a lot of good, and he came up fresh in the ninth. Dillon kept right after him and rocked his head with rights and lefts. Dillon sent right to body and left to chin and got a left jab in return. Jack rushed Jimmy to the ropes, but Gardner covered and kept out of danger. Gardner jabbed with his left and got a hard right to the face in return. Dillon landed half a dozen blows without any return. He rushed Gardner to the ropes and again battered, him with body blows. Dillon bored in and after Gardner sent a hard left to the wind, rushed Jimmy to the ropes with right and left swings which were blocked. Dillon had a shade in this round.

They shook hands for the final session and went to work cautiously, Dillon continued to mix it and Gardner’s left jabs seemed to be his only asset. Dillon caught him with a right to the jaw and swung his left twice in the same place. They mixed it up with exchange of lefts and rights to the face. Dillon forced Gardner to the ropes with a right to the jaw and rushed him across the ring, but without punishing him seriously. They worked into Gardner's corner and stood and slugged so energetically they failed to hear the bell, Gardner holding- his own and making a good showing.