Name: Frank Craig
Alias: The Harlem Coffee Cooler
Born: 1868-04-01
Hometown: New York, New York, USA
Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio, USA
Died: 1943-01-01 (Age:74)
Height: 178cm
Pro Boxer:


Frank Craig (April 1, 1868 – January 1, 1943) was an African American boxer who was the colored middleweight champion of the world in the Gay Nineties. Born in Columbus, Georgia on April Fool's Day 1868 (some sources claim he was born on 1 April 1870 in New York City while other sources put his birthplace as Columbus, Ohio), the 5′10" Craig fought at a weight of between 153 and 169 lbs. as a middleweight and light-heavyweight during his career. Known as "The Harlem Coffee Cooler", Craig was known as a smart and quick fighter.[1]

Colored Championship

Craig fought colored middleweight champ Joe Butler on 18 March 1893 in Philadelphia and was defeated in the second round. The two met again in a title match in Philadelphia on 20 February 1894 in Philadelphia, and this time, Craig emerged the victor, winning in the fourth round.[2]

Craig never defended the title, which went vacant. He moved to London, England later that year, and began campaigning in Great Britain in October. He competed for the middleweight championship of England, losing to Dan Creedon on October 14, 1895 but winning the title by defeating George Chrisp 24 November 1898 via a K.O. in the 13th round.