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Eddie McGoorty



Written by Rob Snell   

Monday, 21 September 2009

Name: Eddie McGoorty
Career Record:click
Alias: Eddie Van Dusart
Nationality: US American
Hometown: Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA
Born: 1889-07-31
Died: 1929-11-02
Age at Death: 40
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5′ 10″
Reach: 185
Manager:Marty Forkins

Won the State of Wisconsin amateur 130 lb. boxing championship at Milwaukee, on December 17, 1904. This was accomplished by defeating three opponents in one evening at the age of 15According to a Nov. 14 (1912?) Tacoma, WA, USA newspaper article, McGoorty described his punching style:

"It's a matter of cutting out waste motion," said McGoorty. "I try never to waste a blow. That means that every one I start must be deliberately planned and accurate. They say a man who goes deer shooting with a repeating rifle will pump bullets at a running deer as fast as he can pull the trigger, and as likely as not kick up the dust all around without hitting the target, while a man using a single shot rifle will take deliberate aim and make sure with his one bullet.

Variety Necessary. "That's the way I try to box. I use every blow as if it were the only one in the magazine. Another important thing is variety. It doesn't do to let the other man know what you'll use next. If he can figure that out he can block or get away easily. When you can make your openings and set your own range, the next thing is to deliver the blow in the most effective way. That is done by starting with muscles loose and flexible, and ending the delivery with a snap of the arm or wrist like cracking a whip. The force of the blow is all in that last snap, and if the timing is right, so that your glove reaches the mark just as you use the snap, you get results."

McCoy's Invention. "I picked up the old McCoy corkscrew idea, in which the left wrist is twisted just as the blow lands, and that's what makes my blow so effective. With the right uppercut, which is one of the best blows used in the ring, I get a free swing and time the blow so that it has the greatest force at the moment it lands. The uppercut is a hard blow to block, if one know how to time it."

  • In many October 30, 1929 newspapers, it was reported that McGoorty was dying of throat cancer at a Milwaukee sanitarium.
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