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Bob Pastor



Name: Bob Pastor
Career Record:click
Alias: Robert E. Pasternak
Nationality: US American
Hometown: New York, New York, USA
Born: 1914-01-26
Died: 1996-01-26
Age at Death: 82
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5′ 11″
Trainer:Freddie Brown


Nebraska State Journal
21 September 1939


40,000 Shivering Fans See Ex-New York Collegian Hang on Gamely.



After chasing Bob Pastor round for 30 minutes and getting nowhere, Joe Louis knocked out the excollegian from New York in 38 seconds of the ll th round Wednesday night to retain his world's heavyweight championship. Louis weighed 200 pounds; Pastor 183.

After flooring Pastor four times In the first round and once in the second, Louis couldn't do a thing with the back pedalling husky until his left shot out with sudden fury in the llth. Pastor dropped, managed to raise himself to his knees, but could not get to his feet before Referee Sam Hennessy counted the full ten.

A crowd estimated at 40,000 contributed to a gross gate of around $400,000 to see Louis successfully defend the title for the eighth time since he won it from Jim Braddock in 1937.

Round by Round

Following is a round by round, blow by blow, description of the Joe Louis-Bob Pastor fight for the heavyweight boxing championship of the world:


Pastor landed a light left to the nose as he tried to feint Louis open. Louis gave a left hook to the jaw. The champion cracked a hard right to the cheek and then shot a straight left to the nose. Louis was moving slowly. Pastor landed a solid right on the check and Louis covered up as Bob came In fast with both -bands flailing. Louis shook Pastor with a smashing right to the face and floored him with a right and another pair of rights floored him once more. He was up after a short count, and tried to hold on. Louis dropped him to one knee with a short right at the
bell. Louis' round.


Louis rushed out and stabbed with his left as Pastor backed away. A short right caught Bob on the cheek as be tried to hold. Louis cracked another right and a straight left to the face as Pastor jabbed twice. Pastor skipped around the champion staying out of reach. Bob dropped a short right to the mid section. Louis missed a left and landed a right on the ear. A smashing right shook Pastor to the heels and several straight lefts bloodied his nose. Pastor shot a straight left to Louis' nose. A vicious right dropped Pastor for a count of nine. Pastor's head snapped back from two bard lefts and he backed away at the bell. Louis' round.


Louis sent two short lefts to Bob's nose. Pastor came back with a left to the eye. A left shook Pastor. Bob sent a left to the chin. They exchanged lefts to the face as Pastor backed away. A short left caught Bob on the cheek and they exchanged lefts. A left had Pastor hanging on temporarily. Pastor caught Louis on the chin with a long overhand right. A short right sent Pastor into the ropes. Another right in close snapped his head back. Louis sent the short right to the face
again at the bell. Louis' round.


Louis jabbed twice with his left and took the same punch to his face in return A right cross bad Pastor wobbling once more. Pastor continued to back away. In close, Louis connected with a short right to the cheek Louis sent a long left to the eye. Pastor connected with an overhand right to the cheek and a left to the jaw. Pastor landed a left under the ear as Louis continued to jab, waiting for a right hand opening. Pastor sent a left that grazed the cheek and another that landed on the face as Louis continued to shuffle forward and jab. Pastor's round.


Louis shot left and rights to the body as they went into a clinch. The bomber sent two lefts to the face and a left to the body. Pastor landed light left to the face and hung on as Louis fired a left to the body Pastor boxed and jabbed twice with his left. Pastor shot a left and right to the champion's chin. Pastor sent a short right under the heart and took a left to the face The crowd roared as Louis missed five straight punches Louis fired a smashing right and then a left and a right and left and Pastor was badly hurt. Louis' round.


Louis sent light lefts to the body and a hard left to the cheek as Pastor backed away and boxed. A smashing right and left sent Pastor to the ropes and another right shook him to the heels. The champion again connected with a right to the jaw Once more the champion's right landed and Bob was hurt. Bob fired lefts and rights to the body and took a right to the head In return, Pastor shot a left to the body and another to the face Louis bounced  a short left hook off the jaw. The champion connected with his right to the head. They exchanged light lefts Pastor's head flopped back from a left to the chin at the bell Louis' round.


Louis connected with a left to the chin then repeated the punch A short right opened a slight cut under Pastor's eye Pastor was back pedaling and Louis was trying to find an opening. Two rights bounced off Pastor's mouth and more blood showed. Louis shot another pair of lefts to the mouth. Pastor landed a short right and then clinched. Louis sent a long left and then a right to the jaw which shot Pastor's head back Pastor leaped in and landed lightly with a left and right to the head A vicious right caused Bob to buckle but he came back with left and right to the face .They were moving about the ring at the bell. Louis' round.


Louis again jabbed lightly with his left and Pastor backed away boxing cautiously. Pastor sent a short left to the law. They exchanged light lefts to the chin and Louis sent a long right to the jaw and a left to the body. In close, Joe connected with a left uppercut Pastor landed rights on the chin and the champion cuddled up against the ropes as Pastor moved in Pastor sent a light left to the body. Louis fired a straight left to the chin then took left and right to the head from Bob at the bell. Pastor's round.


They exchanged a series of straight lefts with no effect Pastor sent a left to the face and took a right and left to the head in exchange. Pastor connected with a straight left to the jaw Louis fired his left to the nose and was again waiting for a right hand opening. Louis missed with his right and Pastor put three light lefts to the jaw as Louis countered with two lefts. Pastor's right grazed Louis' chin, then Louis landed a hard left to the face Pastor jabbed three times with his left. Louis put a left to the nose and took a left hook on the chin at the bell. Pastor's round.


They exchanged lefts to the face which did not damage Pastor sent a short and choppy left to the chin Louis speared Pastor with his long left Pastor backed away and continued to jab Pastor sent a short right hook to the chin and then received two hard lefts on the face A short right to the mouth hurt Bob. Louis sent two short lefts to the face and took a long left under the eye. Both stabbed with lefts and Pastor backed away over the ring. A short right opened the cut under Pastor's left eye. A long left grazed a  slight mouse under Louis' left eye at the bell. Pastor's round


Again they boxed, throwing light lefts .Then Louis dropped Pastor with a smashing left in midring and  Pastor was unable to get off his knees as Referee Hennessy counted ten to give Louis a victory in 38 seconds of the  11 th round.contest.


Dunkirk (N.Y.) Evening Observer
7 September 1940

Ring Observers See Fouls By The Carload
On Bob Who Goes To Dressing Room In Pain


New York, Sept. 7.

The hot news in leatherfist lane today is that Billy Conn, the punchless wonder, ".finally has knocked "out a man. .

How add why he did it is something we will take up later, but the record books will show that Bob Pastor was knocked out, in the 13th round at Madison Square Garden last night. The referee counted ten  over him as he lay on the canvas pushing; hard with elbows and knees in a brave attempt to get-up and take some more

This afternoon. Promoter Mike Jacobs opens discussions that may lead to a match between Conn and Joe Louis. If the public feels the same way about it as Louis does, there won't be enough interest to justify it. .The Brown Bomber, sat in the second row last night and saw nothing that kept him from snatching forty winks now and then.

Pastor Fouled

'Pastor was fouled., The issue is whether the low punches weakened 'him so much .that Conn finally was able to. put across the knockout punch. Officially the records show that Conn threw low blows in the eighth and 12th  rounds. Referee Billy Kavanagh acting in accordance with the rules of the New York State boxing commission, took the eighth  and 12th rounds away from Conn and gave them to Pastor.

But to this observer it seemed that the fouling started in the seventh round when Conn hooked a left  that landed below the-belt. The referee  didn't call that one foul, but once Pastor had taken that punch.he never got-going again.

Up to then he had been winning the fight. He took the first three rounds with ease, forced the fighting all the way and tied Conn up with a cute hop, skip and jump every time Billy tried to start a rally.

Conn always has been a late starter. Last night he got going in the fifth, stabbed with his left and hooked nicely to the head. But in the sixth Pastor came back forcing the fighting  and wading through lefts and rights to the head to bull Billy onto the ropes and win the round.

Pastor Leading

So  they went into the seventh with Pastor leading on points and then-he caught the low one. A spasm of pain raced across his face and for the rest of the-three minutes he did nothing except hang on and try to stay out of trouble. Conn came racing out in the: eighth and started shooting em low. Two left hooks definitely were low and a third one was questionable. But the low ones softened Pastor up plenty for what was to come. He never go back into the fight.' .

The first knockdown occurred in the ninth Conn, getting stronger all the time, sparred neatly and set Pastor up for another left hook to the stomach. That one seemed to be in legal territory and it landed with considerable steam behind it. Pastor went down, grabbing at the canvas with his gloves, and the count started. It got to eight when the bell rang ending the round and Pastor wobbled to his comer.

Through the tenth and eleventh Pastor just hung on. Conn hit him with lefts and rights, jabs, hooks and , uppercuts and still couldn't put him away. The fight ended in the 13th, but the 12th
really was the pay off. . Conn threw another left hook low and doubled Pastor up like a jackknife. Bob stayed off 'the floor however and tried to throw a punch. Conn measured him like a mathematician' doing a trigonometry problem and let him have a right to the jaw Pastor reeled through the ropes and came slamming down on the apron of the ring. He stayed there for a count of nine and then crawled back and weathered the round.

The end of the13th was inevitable. Conn slammed, away for two minutes and then caught Pastor on the chin with a left hook. Bob went down, slowly and with rubbery knees. ,He still was trying to gel up when the count, of 10 arrived and he still was in pain 10 minutes later in his dressing room.

Louis Ahead by 25

Conn's light heavyweight championship was not at stake in this over the weight match., but Billy still has to prove that he  has the stuff to go, in there against Louis, who will outweigh him by 25 pounds.