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The Lincoln daily star Feb 16 -1918





Films showing the relationship between boxing And bayoneting, and demonstrating the methods Of using the bayonet have been prepared by the Commissions on training camp activities of the  war and navy departments… facilitate the education of soldiers and sailors along these lines.Johnnie Kilbane, Benny Leonard, Kid McCoy And James J. Corbett posed for the pictures Illustrating in detail the proper way of starting And landing the different blows and how to Put the full force of the body behind them.

“Bayoneting is boxing with a gun in your hands “ is one of the expressive sub-titles of the film, which afterwards shows Johnny Kilbane starting a left hook for the head of Benny Leonard and captain Donovan using the same movements in sending his bayonet slashing for the neck of an armed antagonist.

The similarity between other blows in boxing And bayoneting is also shown . For instance A soldier using a right hook to the jaw duplicates the  blow when he swings the butt of his gun on the Jaw of a foe, In addition the pictures make clear that a man who has Developed speed on his feet through boxing has a Decided advantage over his opponent in a duel with Cold steel.

Benny Leonard, lightweight champion of the world And boxing instructor at camp Upton, Long Island,Is prouder of his success as a tutor than his boxing Laurels.“It’s incredible the way boxing has taken hold of the men hear. They’re simply wild over it. In the classes when I am explaining and illustrating the blows and positions, they hang onto every word and watch my movements like a cat watches a mouse.”

“In bayoneting where boxing instruction is particularly valuable, because the principles are so much alike, the results are even plainer . the men charge the dummieswith more dash than before” Boxing has been outlawed by most of the states. There is no interference of course with the amateurs but the professionals are jammed into jail once they even hint at arranging  a  ring encounter.

Yet it is from the professionals that Uncle Sam is Deriving his best help in teaching and drilling his Soldiers for the biggest fight in world history.Rather unusual isn’t it that an outlawed sport should So suddenly prove itself such a valiant aid to the Great American  republic. As a matter of fact Boxing should not be prohibited by so many of ther States. After the war is over the sport will be sure to Come into its own. Under the proper supervision,

Meaning laws which will drive the crooks out of Business boxing can become a respectable popular Sport . anyway the present crisis is proving that a

Boxing glove is one of Uncle Sam’s handiest Implements.