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Name: Armand Emanuel
Career Record:click
Alias: The Boxing Barrister
Nationality: US American
Birthplace: Montreal, QC, Canada
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Born: 1906-10-22
Height: 6′ 0½″

Emanuel was an attorney who claimed he made more money in the ring than in a courtroom.

Former National A.A.U. Heavyweight Champion.

James P. Dawson of the New York Times gave this description of him following his victory over Mike McTigue on 7 June 1928: "Emanuel is a busy youngster, with a good left hand but a crude attack. He is a weak hitter and has a jaw which is none too strong in withstanding punishment."




Oakland Tribune
21 August 1928



ARMAND EMANUEL, the boxing barrister who meets Mickey Walker-in a ten-round fight in San Francisco next Monday evening, has broken camp at Healdslburg and returned to San Francisco. But before he left the Sonoma county town Emanuel rekindled boxing enthusiasm in Healdsburg and made many new fans. Not since the days of Ralph Rose has Healdsburg been so excited over an athletic event.

They think Emanuel is the coming heavyweight champion of the world and they would not be surprised were Armand to knock Walker silly next, week. Strangely enough Emanuel has been training at "Camp Rose," where the late Ralph Rose was first discovered. The place has changed hands now but retains the old name. When Emanuel worked out Sunday Guy Rose, brother of the famous shot-putter, was among those present. He is in business in Healdsburg.

Fans from Santa, Rosa, headed by Promoter Frankie Sealer, were at the ringside. Other near-by cities were well represented. The Healdsburg ranchers quit worrying about the price of prunes and the chances of the banks foreclosing on the mortgages to see the San Francisco barrister go through his training stunts.

The camp located on the banks of  the Russian river  At the foot of  Fitch mountain. The ring is pitched in a corner of an old dunce pavilion and boxers with overhead swings cannot operate because or a  huge oak tree winch spreads  all over the ring providing shade for the perspiring athletes .

Dolph Thomas is in charge of the training. Charles Emanuel father of Armand is chairman of the reception committee and does a  nice job. Among the sparring partners are Joe Hughes, Jimmy Evans, and Johnny Jackson. The managers of the boxers are also in the camp. Then there is a camp barber, a camp cook, some camp pests and the usual bunch of rum-dums who infest a prominent boxer's training quarters.

Emanuelas made a big hit with the natives. If he has a high hat he does not wear it. He has read more books than Gene Tunney ever heard of but. makes no mention or the fact He Is well educated and intellectual, otherwise he never would have passed the bar examination,  but be does not seek  to force his intelligence on the country folks . Armand assumes the role of  the young man trying to get by and he makes Himself as inconspicuous  as possible. He does not broadcast the fact that he went the limit Tommy Loughran, the champion of his class, and he has nothing to say about the coming fight  with Walker. If he intends knocking  Mickey’s block off he is keeping his secret to himself.

Regarding his fighting ability, that is a matter of opinion. There is no better boxer in any division than young Emanuel and he is as fast as a bullet. He handles his sparring partners with ease, but he has only one big man in camp, Joe Hughes, and Joe gives a clever exhibition of an ice wagon. The other hired men are welterweights.

Armand  seems to be putting more snap into his punches and he hits with deadly accuracy. However it remains to be seen how he will last against a rushing, tearing fighter like Walker, If Mickey works at his trade next Monday.

In other fights Emanuel appeared at sea when rushed. He could not hit going away and he was bothered when forced to the ropes. You cannot tell by training bouts if he has overcomes these faults and neither can you tell if he is punching harder. To his credit it can be said that he did not fake any knockdowns for the benefit of the spectators.


The Salt Lake Tribune
6 February 1929

Loughran Gains Decision Over Emanuel

Jewish Barrister Bows for Second time

Tommy Loughran, the Philadelphia light-heavyweight champion, won a ten-round decision from Armand Emanuel of San Francisco before more than 10,000 fans who packed the Olympic auditorium here tonight.

Loughran, the master boxer, scared Emanuel with a fancy assortment of lefts and rights to win a  decisive victory and earn the right to meet PaolinoUzcudun or possibly a shot at the winner of the Sharkey Stribling bout.

Both fighters were over the light heavyweight limit.


Loughran scored right to head. Emanuel hooked two lefts and Loughran left to body. Loughran jabbed two lefts to nose. Tommy jabbed left and then right to body. Emanuel missed  left uppercut and hard right. Emanuel ducked left. Louthran missed left. They traded lefts to head. and repeated. Armand. sent two lefts to chest and light left to jaw at bell.


Both sparred cautiously. Loughran sent left to head and Armand countered with left  jab. Tommy sent left to stomach and to head.  Loughran jabbed. He sent a  long left to the stomach. Loughran hooked left and crossed with right that grazed chin.  Emanuel sent two right uppercuts to body in clinch. Emanuel sent two uppercuts to chin. Tommy hooked with a left and Emanuel crossed with right. Loughran sent overhand right that Emanuel stepped away from, sending three right uppercuts to  stomach. Loughran ducked right and hooked left to jaw.  He repeated with a left to shoulder at bell.


Loughran stabbed left. Both exchanged lefts. Emanuel  beating Tommy with a left. Tommy missed right. Emanuel stuck another left in Loughran's  face. Emanuel right to jaw.  Tommy sent two stiff lefts to the stomach. Arnand's nose started to bleed a bit. Loughran sent left to stomach and right to ribs. Emanuel drove three rights to ear in clinch. Emanuel drove a hard right to stomach. Emanuel sent  Louthran's head back with a straight left. Loughran landed in back of the ear with a. light right. They clinched at the bell.


Both jabbed lefts. Armand landed left. They sparred cautiously. Loughran sent left to head and stiff right to head in uppercut. Emanuel blocked Loughran's body blows in clinch. Emanuel jabbed two lefts. Loughran put left to stomach and drove right to body in a clinch. Loughran jabbed left and Emanuel crossed a light right. Armand sent  a  stiff right to head. Loughran drove right to heart and Emanuel hooked a left to head, right to body, making Loughran break ground. Emanuel sent left to body and both dug in. Emanuel put a right  to head and ducked a left counter as the bell rang.


Emanuel sent right to Jaw, and Tommy a left to chest. Emanuel put a left to nose and took one in return. Loughran drove a hard right to the midriff. In a scuffle both nearly fell down. Emanuel sent left to to stomach and Loughran put a straight right to the jaw that dazzled Emanuel. He came back with another right and Loughran grazed Emanuel's jaw with a right. Tommy whipped a left uppercut to the chin.  Armand missed an overhand right swing.  Both landed lefts and rights.'It was Loughran's best round so far.


Emanuel landed two lefts, and Loughran sent lefts to stomach: Armand took a left on the nose and sent a left to the head. Loughran got Emanuel off balance and dug three rights and three lefts to the body. Emanuel sent a snappy right to the head and Tommy countered with a left and then then traded lefts. Tommy stayed in the ring center and made Emanuel circle him. Armand landed a left to the bead and Loughran put in two lefts. Tommy jabbed left and Armand sent left and right to head. They sparred. cautiously. Emanuel missed a right haymaker. Loughran shot in. a right uppercut and a hard right to the jaw. Armand came back with a light  right to the bead at the bell.


Loughran repeatedly beat Emanuel to the punch with lefts. When Emanuel bored in Loughran missed a hard right cross.Emanuel hooked left to head and Tommy's overhand right grazed the jaw. Emanuel sent a right to head and two rights to the body. Loughran hooked a left low and the referee. Roth, warned him. Emanuel sent two straight lefts to the head. Loughran jabbed left. Armand sent left to the head and a stiff right to the head. Loughran sent right to head. Emanuel uppercut stiff right. Emanuel sent a left hook as Loughran was off balance and the latter fell to the floor. As he arose Emanuel landed a hard right to the head. Referee Roth indicated It was not a knockdown.


Loughran swung hard right to the head as Emanuel cracked his head with a right. They traded rights and lefts. Loughran tried to score with a right and Emanuel hooked a. left. Emanuel blocked two left hooks. Armand put right to the body. Emanuel grazed Tommy's forehead with another right. They traded four lefts. It was a beautiful exhibition of blocking. Both jabbed with lefts. , Loughran sent right to the body and they clinched. Loughran sent a right to the head and three lefts to the stomach and Emanuel put a right to the stomach. Loughran landed a right to the neck.


Loughran came out swinging his left. Loughran drove a right uppercut to the body. Armand ducked away from an overhand right and came back with a straight left to the Jaw. Loughran ducked undera left lead end sent a right to the body.


Loughran drove three lefts to the head. He began bouncing around and beat Armand to the punch. .Armand stepped away from a right hand and landed on shoulder. Armand drove a right to the body and took a left to the head in return. Emanuel hooked a stiff  left to the head. Armand stabbed too lefts. Emanuel swung left and right to the head. Emanuel drove a right to the stomach. As they came out of a clinch. Loughran drove a right to the head as the bell rang.